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Welcome to

Tiny Scholars Academy

“Where every child is an Achiever”

Dear Parents

Welcome to the Tiny Scholars Academy “Where Every Child is an Achiever”. I look forward to joining with you in the development of your child and sharing the many wonderful experiences of their childhood with you.

The infant/toddler and preschool experience is a time for growing and experiencing through self-discovery and exploration. Here at Tiny Scholars Academy we provide a place where all children are free to do just that.

I hope this handbook helps to familiarize you with the Childcare & Preschool program and Family like atmosphere. I have included most if not all of the important components of Tiny scholars Academy Program. If you should have any questions or comments please feel free to ask at any time!

Thank you for sharing your child(ren) early learning years with us at Tiny Scholars Academy


April Macklin

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